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What is GO TEXAN?
The GO TEXAN program is a Texas Department of Agriculture initiative dedicated to identifying and supporting Texas-based businesses and connecting them with customers across the Lone Star State and around the world. The GO TEXAN program is dedicated to showcasing the diversity and quality of Texas-based businesses. Whether we are developing new sales and business opportunities for GO TEXAN Partners or encouraging consumers to look for the iconic GO TEXAN mark when making buying decisions, we will always strive to find new and meaningful ways to promote products and services that are Texas made and Texas proud.
I have a product or business that I’d like to certify. How do I apply?
GO TEXAN has a fast and easy online application. CLICK HERE.
Do I qualify to use the GO TEXAN Mark? How can I obtain it?
To use the GO TEXAN Product mark, your entity needs to be a taxable entity in the state of Texas and must be registered with the Texas Comptroller. If you register for the product mark, you must manufacture, or value add to your product in the state of Texas. We require the physical address of the product manufacturing facility.

The GO TEXAN mark files are sent to every new partner upon application approval. If you need the mark files, please email
Where can I find my Texas Taxpayer ID number for the online application?
Visit the Comptroller’s Taxable Entity Search website. CLICK TO VISIT
How do I maximize my GO TEXAN partnership?
Use the GO TEXAN mark on your product label or packaging.
  • Studies show consumers are more likely to buy products made in Texas that carry the GO TEXAN mark. TDA will provide you with several options of the certification mark, so you can choose what works best for you.
Keep your contact information current.
  • Not only is this how we provide you with updates, it is also the information listed on the GO TEXAN website and in TDA publications. If you have a change in company name, mailing address, phone number or email, contact the GO TEXAN program at (877) 99-GOTEX or
Take advantage of the expertise offered by TDA regional marketing field reps.
  • In addition to being a wealth of knowledge on the latest opportunities available through TDA, regional field reps can connect you with other businesses in your area for potential partnerships on events or a new venture. Find your rep here.
When asked, take the time to complete GO TEXAN surveys.
  • These are crucial in determining how we can make the program better. For you to get the most out of GO TEXAN, we have to know what works and what doesn’t.
Sell your products on The GO TEXAN Market, visit
  • GO TEXAN launched an e-Commerce site where Partners can sell their product directly to consumers. To apply for this opportunity, complete the online application.
Partner with each other.
  • GO TEXAN is currently more than 1,700 Partners strong and growing. Help spread the word. The more Partners we have, the more power we bring to the table when negotiating discounted rates, special deals or media exposure. The more Partners using the mark, the more impact. To connect with other GO TEXAN Partners, join our private Facebook group.
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