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Acadian Dusted Texas Gulf Shrimp

Acadian Dusted Texas Gulf Shrimp

Created by Chef Brian West


  • 24 U10 Texas Gulf shrimp, peeled and deveined
  • Salt
  • Blended oil 80/20
    • Acadian Dust
      • 12 fluid ounces Paprika
      • 8 fluid ounces Granulated garlic
      • 4 fluid ounces Black pepper
      • 4 fluid ounces White pepper
      • 4 fluid ounces Onion powder
      • 4 fluid ounces Cayenne
      • 4 fluid ounces Dried oregano
      • 4 fluid ouncesDried thyme
        Jalapeno-Orange Marmalade
        • 1 cup Pickled jalapeno
        • 1/4 cup Sugar
        • 1 cup Orange marmalade


      Acadian Dust

      To make dust Combine all ingredients and mix well.

      Season Shrimp and lightly dust with Acadian Dust.

      In a smoking hot pan with oil sear Shrimp on both sided to slightly blacken.

      Remove and allow to rest for 30 seconds before plating.

      On top of corn place cooked shrimp, interlocking tales.

      Top with a dollop of the jalapeno-orange marmalade.

      Jalapeno-Orange Marmalade

      Combine all of the ingredients and bring to a simmer. Stirring to dissolve the marmalade.

      Allow to simmer for 30 minutes to reduce to a thick syrup.

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