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Chef Rob Snow

Chef Rob Snow

“Texas wild-caught Gulf shrimp just taste better. I grew up along the Gulf Coast and have eaten Texas Gulf shrimp all of my life, so that is what shrimp tastes like to me. It is great to know that, when I purchase a product, I am helping my fellow Texans earn their living. When you get shrimp from halfway around the world, you don’t really know how it is handled. As a resident of this great state, I always buy Texas products when they are available, and I always will.”

Growing up in Texas, Chef Rob Snow got an up-close look at the state’s sumptuous legacy of hearty, Southern cuisine. It wasn’t until he moved away from the Lone Star state that he found himself drawn to the kitchen and the Texas favorites that have become his trademark.

As executive chef at The Mansion at Judges’ Hill, Rob takes Texas cuisine to new heights. Raised in Alvin, Texas, his Texas roots are unmistakable. The food carries with it a sense of fun and creativity devised from years he spent cooking in Cape Cod and at the restaurant Fix in Las Vegas’s Bellagio Hotel.

While Rob’s history is a testament to culinary diversity, his cuisine is built on a foundation of fresh, local sourcing and quality ingredients.

“At Judges’ Hill, we try to utilize as many Texan products as we are able to. Products grown naturally and locally taste better and that’s really what our jobs are about — getting great, healthful, fresh food onto your plate,” Rob explained. “Getting our food locally also creates a pathway for us to do our part in reducing emissions, as well as supporting our local economy. It’s much easier for us to make sure that the people catching our Texas wild-caught Gulf shrimp and growing our vegetables are getting paid and treated fairly if they are a few hundred miles away versus a few thousand miles away.”

Rob’s fondness for local food sources and his creative approach to Texas cuisine has proven popular with diners. It’s a partnership that’s good for Judges’ Hill, good for Austin food lovers and very good for the people working in Texas agriculture.

Rob returned to Texas from Las Vegas in 2007. He worked in the kitchens of Fleming’s, Vintage Villas and Sterling Affairs before becoming executive chef of The Mansion at Judges’ Hill in 2009. The Mansion at Judges’ Hill is a historic, luxury boutique-hotel centrally located in Austin. It is home to the Judges’ Hill Restaurant and 1900 Bar.

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